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From: Martin Cory Preteen Naked
Subject: colleen’s erotic adventures 3This story contains details of explicit sexual acts.If you’re under eighteen, or are turned off by explicit
sexual contact, stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!
Colleen’s Erotic Adventures 3by Martin Cory
mcory21hotmail.comI went over to my dresser and opened up the drawer to where I hid the
magazine.”I found a whole bunch of old magazines down in the basement, but brought
this one up to my room…” I said as I removed the magazine from its hiding
place.I held the magazine in my hand as I walked over to Angie and sat down beside
her on my bed. I sort of presented the magazine to her; she paused
momentarily and we just sort of looked at each other, then she gently took
hold of the magazine and read the title out loud, “Bi-sexual Love,” she
read. “Wow, this is like a really old magazine, like from the seventies…”"Yeah…” I said, “…look at the moustaches…and all the hair…”Angie was already flipping through the pages. “Man …and look at the size of
this guy’s cock; it’s so damn big!” she cried.”I know, I know …and the chick sucks on it; look…”I pointed to a picture of the girl sucking the guy’s cock. “Oh my god…that’s
incredible!” Angie gasped.”I know, it’s so big, huh?” I replied. “…And she just looks so small and
dainty, like she’s some pure and innocent little girl who got lost on a path
toward deviant sexual pleasure…”"Nicely put Colleen.” Angie said. “You’re right; she really looks good with
that cock in her mouth…”"I know…” I said. “…look at this other picture…”I turned to the picture of the girl completely naked, her legs spread wide
open while the other girl ate her pussy and the guy had his cock in her
mouth; it was such an erotic shot. You could tell the girl loved Preteen Naked being
fucked; she was so beautiful and she was a slut, purposefully being violated
and willingly giving in to her most lurid desires.”Holy shit Colleen, look at her…” Angie’s voice trailed as she began to take
in the image. “Wow…she’s beautiful…” Angie whispered.She was just staring at the picture, lost in another world; a world I wanted
to begin exploring with her. “Do you like it, Angie?” I finally said.Angie had a dreamy look on her face. “Yeah…it’s really…sexy…” she said in a
muffled voice.”Does it turn you on…?” I asked her.She turned to face me; she seemed a little nervous…or maybe she was as
anxious as I was. She said, “Oh, Colleen…it does…it really does…”She turned to look at the picture again, like she was memorizing it. “Do you
ever think about doing this stuff?” she asked.I didn’t answer right away.”Do you?” she asked again. “…you do, don’t you?”"Sometimes…” I whispered, a little ashamed of myself. “Yeah…I mean, you
know…I found the magazines, then started looking at the pictures, and the
more I looked at them the more I started getting turned on by them.”"So you bring one up to your room so you can look at it in privacy?” Angie
asked, mockingly.”Well…yeah.” I said.”And while you were up here alone, looking at these dirty pictures alone,
and getting turned on; what did you do?” she persisted.”C’mon Angie, you don’t have to embarrass me.” I pleaded.”I’m not trying to embarrass you Colleen…” she said, “…I’m just curious,
that’s all…”She was looking at me; she seemed so sincere; I mean we’d known each other
for so long; I knew I could trust Angie with anything. And I wanted her to
know; I wanted her to know me, like in biblical terms. My head started
floating to my little sexual fantasies again…”Well…” I began, “…I started to touch myself as I looked at the pictures…” I
said softly.”You mean masturbate?” Angie asked.”Yeah…then I decided to take off my clothes…” I continued, “…I would lay
down on my bed; sometimes under the covers…”"Sometimes…?” Angie interrupted, “…you mean you’ve done it more than once?”"Yeah, I pretty much have been doing it every chance I can get,” I
snickered.There was a Preteen Naked
long pause; Angie was just looking at me with that dazed look,
like she was contemplating hard, yet she looked peaceful and perhaps a
little timid.”What?” I finally said.”Can I watch?” Angie whispered.”What?” I said.”Will you let me watch you masturbate, Colleen?” she repeated.”You want to watch me masturbate?”She nodded her head, “Mmmm…hmmm…”She turned back to the magazine; we both looked at the picture. “Just look
at her Colleen…” Angie taunted me, “…look at her beautiful mouth suck that
big dirty cock…”"…don’t you want to touch yourself Colleen? …huh? …c’mon, look at her, look
at her body, look at the other girl licking her pussy; doesn’t that turn you
on?”"Oh yes…” I said.I began to gyrate my hips, making the fabric of my pants rub against my
crotch.”Oh, that’s it Colleen…let me watch you…”I started to unbutton my pants, and reached down inside them and rubbed my
pussy; my hips were moving in rhythm with my gentle strokes.”That’s it Colleen…touch yourself…look at the picture…think of that girl
getting fucked…make believe you’re her…getting your pussy eaten out by a
beautiful little girl while some guy fucks your mouth with his big cock.”I opened my eyes and looked at her, “oh…Angie!”Angie looked at me and smiled; her face was flushed and I noticed her hips
were slowly grinding back and forth.Copyright 1998-2002 Martin Cory. All Rights Reservedcomments welcome: mcory21hotmail.com
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